Oil, Black Vermouth and Muscatel of 5 L

A combination of the most essential Montebrione products.

Extra virgin olive oil arbequina from the DOP Siurana with a peculiar fruity flavour, aroma and minimal acidity. An oil whose attributes make it an essential part of the Mediterranean diet. Black vermouth ideal for sharing as an aperitif. A real pleasure for the senses when savouring the aromas of forest, thyme, rosemary or fennel, truffle and honey. Montebrione Muscat, a unique and special liqueur wine made from Muscat Alexandria, is excellent to share with dried fruits, desserts and sweets. 1 carafe of 5 L of each product.

Reference: 307240
99,93 €
99,93 €
  • Envase: PET carafe
  • Capacity: 5 l.
  • Characteristic:

1 carafe of 5 litres of OOVE, 1 carafe of black vermouth and 1 carafe of Muscatel

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